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Weed ID Guide

If you already know the plant name you are looking for search by common, latin or alternate name. To get started with the weed key, select the Plant type from the drop down menu to begin narrowing down the weed possibilities. After selecting the Plant type additional search options will become available. All the possible record choices that meet your search criteria are listed on the left. That list will narrow as you make additional choices.

Weed List

Common Name:
Latin Name:
Alternate Names:
Plant type


Leaf arrangement [?]

Leaf characteristics [?]

Lobed [?]

Leaf Shape [?]

Leaf Margins [?]

Presence of petioles

Leaf Hairiness on the Upper Surface

Stem hairiness

Flower color

Growth Habit [?]

Presence of spines


Root system [?]

Milky sap

Ochrea presence [?]



Leaf Type [?]

Leaf Width at Maturity

Leaf Hairiness on the Upper Surface

Ligule Presence [?]

Type of Ligule [?]

Length of Ligule [?]

Auricle Presence [?]

Leaves Rolled or Folded in the Shoot [?]

Stem/Sheath Type [?]

Seedheads [?]

Root System [?]