Broadleaf Dock
Rumex obtusifolius


Weed Description: A taprooted perennial from a basal rosette, developing a single stem that may reach 3 1/3 feet in height. Broadleaf dock is found throughout the eastern United States, the Midwest, and Arizona.
Leaves: Lower leaves are petioled, may be reddish-veined, flat with a heart-shaped base and very broad, up to 6 inches wide and 12 inches long. Stem leaves have an ocrea and progressively become smaller up the flowering stalk. Leaves become more reddish-purple with age. All leaves are slightly wavy on edges.
Stems: A singe flowering stem that is erect, reddish- brown, and ribbed.
Flowers: Arranged in clusters of racemes on the upper portion of the elongating stem, consisting of greenish sepals that become reddish-brown with age.
Fruit: An achene, with 1-3 spines on the 3-winged triangular structure that surrounds the achene.
Roots: Large, fleshy tap-root, yellowish orange in color.